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P1900.5.2 - IEEE Draft Standard Method for Modeling Spectrum Consumption

This standard defines an analytical framework of necessary modeling constructs which can be used to express the boundaries of spectrum consumption by any transmitting or receiving device. The standard documents a machine readable data exchange schema for the purpose of transferring these spectrum consumption models (SCM) between automated systems. This standard serves as a loose coupler for the spectrum management enterprise by providing all spectrum communities of interest a common way to express spectrum consumption. Further, the standard enables the creation of algorithms that can rapidly evaluate compatibility among SCMs and quickly perform spectrum management tasks such as finding reuse opportunities or optimizing spectrum assignments to maximize spectrum utilization. To achieve this goal, the SCMs must be sufficient in that the algorithms can perform these functions using the models alone without dependence on external databases of system or environmental characteristics.This standard defines a vendor-independent generalized method for modeling spectrum consumption of any type of use of RF spectrum and the attendant computations for arbitrating the compatibility among models. The methods of modeling are chosen to support the development of tractable algorithms for determining the compatibility between models and for performing various spectrum management tasks that operate on a plurality of models. The modeling methods are exclusively focused on capturing spectrum use but are defined in a schema that can be joined with other schemata related to spectrum management.
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