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P1450.4 - IEEE Draft Standard for Extensions to Standard Test Interface Language (STIL) (IEEE Std. 1450-1999) for Test Flow Specification

STIL is the standard for the interchange of digital test data from the test generation environment (where a great deal of design information is used to generate device tests) to the test and manufacturing environment. The initial STIL standard (IEEE Std. 1450-1999) addresses the essential digital test description information (i.e., signals, timing, vectors and parameter specifications). Other aspects needed for testing devices are provided in extension activities such as this standard, which addresses test flow extensions to STIL. The flow and binning constructs in this extension allow developing a test program description in a common language; this common description can either be used as input to a test program generator which translates the description into the native language of specific IC ATE systems, or can be run directly on IC ATE systems that use 1450.4 as their native language.This standard specifies extensions to IEEE Std. 1450-1999 that define the description of certain test flow and binning components of an Integrated Circuit (IC) test program in a test-hardware independent manner. These extensions provide language constructs and semantics necessary to describe both the test program flow as well as sequencing data needed to compose a test program to run on an Automated Test Equipment (ATE) platform. The language constructs defined include structures for specifying: *Order of execution of test program components *Hierarchical test flow structures to facilitate automated modification or maintenance *Common interfaces between the test flow environment and test program components *Test flow variables to facilitate concurrent and serial test flow interactions *Binning or categorization of tested ICs
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