The Industry Connections Program

Supporting the incubation of new technologies, standards and related services to help solve shared industry problems.


IEEE-SA provides a basic level of support to all Industry Connections (IC) activities at no charge to participants. Additional support services are available for a fee through IEEE-SA Professional Services.

Basic support services include (as needed):

  • Activity startup support
    • Assignment of IEEE-SA advisor/mentor
    • Assistance with creation and approval of the Activity Initiation Document (ICAID)

  • Early Executive Committee (EC) meeting consultation
    • Facilitate establishment of policies & procedures (P&P)
    • Facilitate EC officer election
    • Advise EC Chair on establishment of work plan
    • Establish system for supporting documentation and website of the IC activity

  • Group communication, collaboration, and productivity tools
    • IC activity website with templates
    • Membership management for IC activity
    • Email lists for all members, EC, and subgroups
    • Document management system and file archives
    • Training session, as needed

  • Policies and procedures development support and consultation
    • Baseline templates for developing P&P
    • Advise EC and activity members on P&P related questions
    • Recommend updates to P&P as needed
    • Assist with annual progress reviews and ICAID revisions, if needed

  • Voting and election administration
    • Impartial administration of officer elections
    • Impartial administration of major/sensitive votes

  • Marketing communications for significant milestones and events (if desired)
    • Announcement at/near beginning of IC activity
    • One media announcement per year thereafter, upon completion of major deliverables

  • Publication and/or standardization support
    • Support & guidance on streamlined publication of documents through IEEE
    • Support & guidance on startup of formal standards projects through IEEE-SA
      • Includes assistance with creation and approval of Project Authorization Requests (PARs)

  • Administration of added fee services (e.g., technical writing, workshops)
    • Facilitate selection of service providers
    • Manage contracts and negotiate fees
    • Deliverables and payments schedule oversight
    • Activity member/sponsor fee collection and distribution