IEEE-SA Board of Governors

Responsible for overseeing the operations and establishing policy for the IEEE-SA.


May 2014

The BOG approved a motion to join the Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) as a full member.

December 2013

Resolved that the IEEE-SA Board of Governors shall, and hereby is, recommending submission of an amicus brief by IEEE in "Ericsson v D-Link, et al."; and it is
Further resolved that the IEEE-SA Managing Director shall work with the IEEE General Counsel to forward such recommendation to the IEEE Executive Director for consideration by the IEEE Board of Directors.

December 2012

The BOG recommended that the IEEE file an amicus brief that describes the standards development process and the role that letters of assurance play in that process in Apple Inc. v. Motorola Inc.

The BOG voted to continue the developing nations discount for individual IEEE-SA dues for two more years (2014 – 2015).

Considering the SA OpMan ER policy indicates that appointment is for no less than 1 year:

  • BOG approval of ERs, where the OBC does not indicate a term, shall be for 2 years.

Considering that the SA OpMan mentions “liaison” in its definition of ER policy, the SASB OpMan specifically defines the policy for an “IEC Category D liaison”, and the IEEE-SA website lists many existing formal liaisons:

  • The BOG requests that ProCom define a “liaison” policy in the rules.

August 2012

The BOG endorsed the Modern Global Standards Paradigm. external link

June 2012

In reference to the European Commission’s Proposal on European Standardisation, COM(2011) 315 final, dated 1 June 2011,

The IEEE Standards Association supports and advocates for those aspects (e.g., Chapter IV and Annex II) of this proposal that allow for the direct referencing of ICT standards for public procurement and public policy, where the standards comply with a set of criteria based on the WTO principles for international standardization processes.

The BOG approved a statement on the World Conference on Telecommunications (WCIT) that expresses concern with proposed modifications that would change ITU-T Recommendations from voluntary to mandatory.

March 2012

The BOG approved a CPI-based increase of 3.15% for the RAC products, rounded to the nearest $5.

The BOG approved the following Industry Connections activity initiations:

  • Standardization and Innovation in IT (SIIT) Conference
  • IEEE 802.11 Patent Pool Exploratory Forum
  • Power Matters Alliance (PMA)
  • Intercloud Testbed

Judith L. Gorman will retire from the IEEE on 2 April 2012. A resolution honoring her service was approved.

  • WHEREAS, Judith L. Gorman has served the IEEE faithfully for twenty-eight years, and
  • WHEREAS, Judith L. Gorman led the creation of the IEEE Standards Association in its current structure during the late 1990s, and
  • WHEREAS Judith L. Gorman provided the leadership necessary the past fourteen years for the development of the IEEE Standards Association to become a world-class standards organization, and
  • WHEREAS, under Judith L. Gorman, the IEEE Standards Association has become an integral partner of industry, government, and the global standards community ensuring the transitioning of technology to the marketplace through the judicious use of standards, and
  • WHEREAS, under the guidance of Judith L. Gorman, the IEEE Standards Association expanded its support to industry through the establishment and integration of individual and corporate standards development programs to ensure responsiveness to industry requirements, and
  • WHEREAS, Judith L. Gorman spearheaded the creation of the IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization (IEEE-ISTO), allowing the IEEE to lend its brand to areas beyond traditional standards development, and
  • WHEREAS, Judith L. Gorman has been instrumental in establishing a multi-year business strategy enabling the IEEE Standards Association to support evolving stakeholder requirements and ensure the IEEE Standards Association’s long term financial viability, and
  • WHEREAS, Judith L. Gorman has been a global ambassador for the IEEE-SA over the past decade, and
  • WHEREAS, Judith L. Gorman has steered the IEEE Standards Association into new technology areas, including Smart Grid, green IT, virtual environments, and network science, and
  • WHEREAS, Judith L. Gorman has overseen the expansion of global Standards Education through expanded university outreach, a standards education e-Zine, and an expanded web support, and
  • WHEREAS, Judith L. Gorman has been instrumental in developing global Public Awareness and Visibility programs, ensuring the recognition of both the IEEE Standards Association and IEEE from the perspective of the engineering community, as well as by the policy and decision makers within industry, government, and academia, and
  • WHEREAS, Judith L. Gorman has demonstrated her ability to create an organization that addresses both external and internal requirements for effective standards creation, while ensuring that IEEE Standards Association remains synergistic with IEEE’s broader operations, and
  • WHEREAS, Judith L. Gorman is devoted to the IEEE and to the IEEE Standards Association, and her devotion is demonstrated in the many activities she has spearheaded or supported in her years as an IEEE staff member, and
  • WHEREAS, over the course of Judith L. Gorman’s unparalleled tenure of service, initiative, and stewardship, she garnered the respect, admiration, and friendship of staff, volunteers, and external community leaders;
  • THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that on the occasion of her retirement, the IEEE Standards Association Board of Governors expresses its utmost gratitude to Judith L. Gorman, pays tribute to her many exceptional years of service, and extends its sincere best wishes to her for many years to come.
December 2011

The BOG approved the establishment of the IEEE as the financial and technical sponsor of the Standardization and Innovation in Information Technology (SIIT) Conference and assigns the incubation of this conference to the Industry Connections Program with reports to the BOG.

The BOG approved the white paper "IEEE Adheres to the WTO Principles for International Standardization".

The BOG approved the "Future Directions for Nanonetworking" Industry Connections activity initiation, with Alex Gelman and Jim Wendorf as advisors.

The External Representative (ER) policy [section 7.1 of the SA OpMan] does not apply to ISO, IEC, and ITU liaisons. It applies to any ER positions already designated, except as excluded above. The BOG requests that ProCom review how the ER policy can be re-written in the rules and make a recommendation on a longer term ER policy.

August 2011

The BOG approved having IEEE-SA reduced individual membership dues for developing nations:

  • IEEE members and IEEE society affiliates: (cost of service recovery price point)
    • For 2012 - $26
  • IEEE-SA only individual member: (Slightly more than developing nations IEEE membership + SA membership)
    • For 2012 - $99
June 2011

Dennis Brophy is appointed as the CAG Chair for 2012-2013.

2012 RAC pricing will be increased across the board using the 2010 CPI factor used for SA membership rounded up to the nearest $5.

December 2010

Entity membership was approved with the requirement for entity WGs to use the IEEE email reflectors by no later than 31 December 2011.

Smart Grid funding in the approximate amount of 1.7M for 2011 was approved.

A motion was approved that the BOG directs the SASB to implement a policy that ensures the participation database (when successfully implemented as determined by the SASB) is used by all working groups.

A motion was approved that the BOG appoints the international ad hoc as coordinator of all IEEE-SA engagements with China on issues involving interaction with ISO and IEC.

A motion was approved that David Law and Jim Wendorf will be the mentors for “Ethernet Wireline Bandwidth Needs” ICAID.

May 2010

A motion was unanimously approved to change the nomination period for all awards other than the Standards Medallion and Working Group Chair Awards, to be 1 March – 31 August of each calendar year.

The revised International Strategy was unanimously approved.

A motion was unanimously approved to make the document management tool known as Mentor available for use by any SA participant for SA business at no charge.