P2656 - Guide for Functional Specification of Voltage-Sourced Converter for HVDC Stations
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This guide assists users in specifying the functional requirements for Voltage Source Converter based HVDC systems, using self-commutated technology and topologies. This guide covers specifications, applications, engineering studies, main component characteristics, system functions and features, factory testing, commissioning, operations and maintenance of VSC HVDC Converter Stations. Functions covered include real power transfer, reactive power interaction, voltage regulation and fault recovery, frequency regulation, main components, control and protection, and accepted engineering practices for the application of VSC HVDC Systems. The HVDC transmission line or cable systems are beyond the scope of this document. A number of sections in the guide will address specific ancillary services that the HVDC may provide to the system. The guide also provides considerations with regards to different intended applications of the HVDC system, including transmission, back-to-back, and multi-terminal systems. The commercial terms and conditions for the purchase of the HVDC Systems are beyond the scope of this document.
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