Mandatory Editorial Coordination Form Part 1 of 2

Mandatory Editorial Coordination: Form

Initiate Mandatory Editorial Coordination by uploading your draft and relevant copyright permission letters prior to the start of initial IEEE SA Committee Ballot. Once complete and ready for ballot, you will need to log into myBallot™ to upload your draft for ballot.

For your convenience, a Draft Review Checklist is available. IEEE Editorial staff recommends reviewing the checklist prior to uploading your draft for Mandatory Editorial Coordination.

A Program Manager will be notified once your form is uploaded and submitted. Please fill out all required areas of the form to ensure that your draft standard and/or documentation is distributed appropriately. Please note, it will take up to 30 calendar days for Mandatory Editorial Coordination to be completed.

Note: Mandatory Editorial Coordination is required prior to the start of a Standards Committee Ballot in order to ensure conformance with IEEE requirements. All copyright permission letters must be submitted at this time. Review of your draft and permission letters will reduce the number of recirculations and help to avoid delays in approval or possible rejection at RevCom.

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