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P269 - Standard for Measuring Electroacoustic Performance of Communication Devices

The purpose of this standard is to provide laboratory test methods for evaluating the electroacoustic performance of communication devices.This standard provides techniques for objective measurement of electroacoustic devices used for speech communications, including communication devices also used for multimedia applications. Application is for devices that are primarily used closely coupled to the ear. Aspects of devices with speakerphone or speaker listening features are covered by IEEE Standard 1329, "Method for Measuring Transmission Performance of Speakerphones". This standard is applicable to devices that include communication terminals that connect to a network, as well as to subsystems that connect to a terminal. The methods in this standard specifically apply to devices that connect to analog, digital, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and other Local Area Network (LAN)-based networks. They may also apply to devices that connect to mobile and other wireless networks. This standard applies to terminals independently of the internal audio architecture. Examples include cordless phones, VoIP phones, and softphone clients. It also applies to subsystems such as Universal Serial Bus (USB) audio devices, Bluetooth headsets, and 4-wire analog handsets. Due to the various characteristics of these devices and the environments in which they operate, not all of the test procedures in this standard are applicable to all types of terminals and subsystems. Guidance for the applicability of specific tests is given within this standard.
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