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P2030.102.1 - Standard for Interoperability of Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) Utilized within Utility Control Systems

Targeted at security products utilized within control systems deployed throughout the electric utility sector, the approach taken to create the Interoperable Configuration Profiles covers four basic steps: 1. Define functional requirements based on asset owner needs 2. Select open source specification to meet the identified functional requirements 3. Develop interoperable configuration profiles for these specifications tailored for the energy sector control system environment 4. Test and validate the interoperable configuration profiles Multiple ICPs create a modular approach which allows users to require and vendors to support any combination of the Interoperable Configuration Profiles. What it means to end users and vendors is that as more Interoperable Configuration Profiles are created, they will have more choices. This modularity allows for the appropriate set of functionality to be applied on a case by case basis at the device level based on the device's role in the overall system. Host device or network node, Interoperable Configuration Profiles can assist end users in communicating device requirements and vendors in communicating device functionality for any networked device which must support a core security functional requirement.This standard provides guidelines for interoperability of devices utilized within utility control systems which support critical cyber security functions. Interoperable Configuration Profiles (ICPs) to describe a specific instantiation of a particular security related protocol are described. This description of the ICPs will make it easier for utilities to procure and implement secure systems, provide adequate cyber security controls no matter the vendor selected, provide backward compatibility, and minimize the effort of configuring and maintaining devices supporting cyber security functions over their lifetime.
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