Medical Devices Cybersecurity – IEEE 2621 Series of Standards


With connected devices, telehealth and remote patient monitoring becoming more widely used for diabetes, there is an increasing risk of cybersecurity threats. Managing these vulnerabilities can be challenging. It is crucial for device manufacturers, clinicians, hospitals, and testing organizations to work collaboratively to create a safe and interoperable health care environment. Development of standards and an industry adopted conformity assessment program can help in managing these risks.

IEEE 2621 Series of Standards

Medical devices used for monitoring and managing diabetes provide life-saving benefits to patients and effective implementation options to healthcare professionals. With ever-increasing connectivity and data exchange between devices there is an increased risk to the safety and privacy. This standard will aid medical device manufacturers and users to manage their cybersecurity risk.

View recent IEEE 2621 article authored by Working Group members

Conformity Assessment Program

The certification program is being developed by the IEEE 2621 Conformity Assessment Committee (CAC), comprised of stakeholders, that will benefit users, manufacturers, clinicians, regulators, payers, and other potential beneficiaries.

Program Objectives

  • Demonstrate to buyers that connected diabetes devices conform with IEEE 2621 series of standards
  • Program participants adhere to the IEEE 2621 certification scheme
  • Testing is performed by IEEE recognized test laboratories
  • All certified devices bear the IEEE Certified Mark and listed on the IEEE Registry

Who Should Participate

  • Device Manufacturers, Integrators, Solution Providers
  • End-user Communities (Clinicians, Hospitals, etc.)
  • Government Regulators
  • Test Laboratories
  • Academia


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Medical Devices Cybersecurity Conformity Assessment

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