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P26515 - IEEE Draft Standard for Software and systems engineering -- Developing user documentation in an agile environment

document will not contain a purpose statementThis clause presents the scope, purpose, organisation, and candidate uses of this International Standard. This International Standard will support the interest of technical authors and associated roles responsible for producing user documentation for software and systems developed within an agile environment. This standard takes a process standard approach to specify the way in which user documentation can be developed in agile development projects. This standard provides requirements on information management and documentation processes appropriate for software projects that are using agile development methods. The first part of this International Standard in Clause 5 covers the differences between agile development methodologies and traditional development methodologies. The second part of this International Standard in Clause 6 describes how the information development lead or project manager may plan and manage the user documentation development team in an agile environment. The third part of this International Standard in Clause 7 covers the relationship between the user documentation process and life cycle documentation process in agile development. This International Standard is intended neither to encourage nor to discourage the use of any particular agile development tools or methods. This Internal Standard provides guidance on processes appropriate for developers of user documentation in software and systems projects that are using agile development methodologies. It will not be limited to the development phase of the life cycle of user documentation, but includes activities throughout the user documentation life cycle. This International Standard is intended for use in all organisations that are using agile development, or are considering implementing their projects using these techniques. It is assumed that readers have experience or general knowledge of traditional user documentation processes.
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