IEEE 1905.1a-2014 - IEEE Standard for a Convergent Digital Home Network for Heterogeneous Technologies Amendment 1: Support of New MAC/PHYs and Enhancements
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An abstraction layer for multiple home networking technologies that provides a common interface to widely deployed home networking technologies is defined in this standard: IEEE 1901(TM) over power lines, IEEE 802.11(TM) for wireless, Ethernet over twisted pair cable, and MoCA 1.1 over coax. Additional network technologies are supported by an extensible mechanism using an IEEE OUI and an XML-formatted document. Connectivity selection for transmission of packets arriving from any interface or application is supported by the 1905 abstraction layer. Modification to the underlying home networking technologies is not required by the 1905 abstraction layer, and hence it does not change the behavior or implementation of existing home networking technologies. The 1905 abstraction layer is between layers 2 and 3 and abstracts the individual details of each interface, aggregates available bandwidth, and facilitates seamless integration. The 1905 abstraction layer also facilitates end-to-end quality of service (QoS) while simplifying the introduction of new devices to the network, establishing secure connections, extending network coverage, and facilitating advanced network management features including discovery, path selection, autoconfiguration, and QoS negotiation.
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