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IEEE C37.100.5-2018

IEEE Standard for Definitions of High-Voltage Circuit Breakers Above 1000 Vac and 3200 Vdc, and Reclosers and Other Distribution Equipment from 1000 Vac to 38 000 Vac

The terms and definitions in the standard are intended to encompass the products within the scope of the IEEE C37 series of power switchgear standards for high-voltage circuit breakers (above 1000 Vac and 3200 Vdc) and for reclosers and other distribution equipment (above 1000 Vac to 38,000 Vac) as used primarily in connection with generation, transmission,distribution, and conversion of electric power. The definitions of terms and explanatory notes relating thereto contained in this standard are not intended to embrace all possible meanings of the terms. They are intended for the sole purpose of establishing only those meanings of terms used in switchgear standards. They do not purport to embrace other meanings that the terms may properly have when used in connection with other subjects. In some instances, terms and definitions that are not identical to those in this standard have been developed by other branches of industry. Where this situation exists, the definitions in this standard shall be used for power switchgear within the IEEE C37 series of standards.

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PE/SWG - Switchgear
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IEEE Power and Energy Society
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PE/SWG - Switchgear
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Definitions_PC37.100.5 - Standard Definitions for High Voltage Circuit Breakers Above 1000V and Reclosers and Other Distribution Equipment
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Jennifer Santulli
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Thomas Mulcahy
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