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IEEE/AIEE 750.1-1960

AIEE Report on Aircraft and Missles Electric Systems Guide - Sections 000, 100, 200, and 300

Material comprising this report is directed primarily at the attainment of improved application technique--the attainment of the highest possible quality of performance from a combination of particular devices to perform a given function. The performance qualities exhibited by a composite system composed of numerous devices will be influenced by the character of devices which are selected to work together and the manner in which they are interconnected or correlated. The extent to which such composite systems may be benefited by proper application technique is great. Realization of the stated objective involves comprehensive treatment of the following character expressed quantitatively in simple compact form. a. An explanation of the fundamental electrical problems involved. b. Typical characteristic performance data of the various elements and devices of which the system is composed, which shall define inherent limitations as well as meritorious qualities. c. Methods of analysis or test by which the qualities and limitations of a particular composite system may be evaluated. d. Formulation of particular application practices which experience and judgment confirm as assuring good performance.

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