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Standard for Joint Calibration Framework of Multiple Roadside Sensors

This standard defines a joint calibration framework for multiple roadside sensors (such as camera, Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), millimeterwave radar, and fused sensors). The standard defines the types of sensors involved (including their characteristics and measurement data features), the reference coordinate system, the calibration process and the tools for calibrating the sensors. Additionally, the standard defines a data analysis method to assess the accuracy and reliability of the calibration results.

Sponsor Committee
C/DC - Data Compression Standards Committee
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IEEE Computer Society
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Sponsor Committee
C/DC - Data Compression Standards Committee
Working Group
DFAD - Data framework for autonomous driving
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Meng Zhao
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Working Group Chair
Yanyong Zhang

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Current projects that have been authorized by the IEEE SA Standards Board to develop a standard.


Standard for Data Framework for Autonomous Driving

This standard defines a data-related architecture for highly efficient autonomous driving systems. The architectural components, interfaces, transmission protocols and connection protocols are specified. Definitions of efficiency for autonomous driving systems are provided, including metrics for accuracy of perception and decision-making, the latency of the required computations, as well as the energy consumption of the sensors and computing units.

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Standard for Property Graph Description of Road Networks

This standard defines a property graph description of high-quality road network data, such as lanes, roads and intersections. Thereby, the standard supports highly efficient data storage and retrieval. The standard represents lanes, roads and intersections as nodes in a property graph, while the topology of road network is represented by edges in the property graph. This standard also defines properties of graph nodes and edges, as well as data types, value ranges, and basic access interfaces of these properties.

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Standards approved by the IEEE SA Standards Board that are within the 10-year lifecycle.

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These standards have been replaced with a revised version of the standard, or by a compilation of the original active standard and all its existing amendments, corrigenda, and errata.

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These standards have been removed from active status through a ballot where the standard is made inactive as a consensus decision of a balloting group.

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These standards are removed from active status through an administrative process for standards that have not undergone a revision process within 10 years.

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