Active Standard

IEEE 2851-2023

IEEE Approved Draft Standard for Functional Safety Data Format for Interoperability within the Dependability Lifecycle

The development of dependable systems is rapidly growing due to the expansion of new applications such as automated driving or autonomous mobile robotics. Standards such as ISO 26262 (automotive, IEC 61508 (, and many others define the complete set of activities that need to be performed, requiring companies at different levels of the supply chain to tailor the lifecycle activities that apply to them and deliver results to other levels of the chain for which other requirements are applicable. However, currently, there are no common methods, languages, or formats to exchange the relevant data. As a result of this gap, companies are struggling with many different types of methods and description languages and are investing valuable time and effort to reconsolidate, compare, integrate, and combine the data. For this reason, the safety critical community is urgently asking for a solution to accelerate the safety engineering process while reducing risks and costs. The IEEE P2851 standardization initiative was started to define a dependability lifecycle as well as methods and formats for exchange/interoperability of data across all steps of the lifecycle in a consistent way. Additionally, the work products of this standardization initiative are expected to help enable interoperability between tools. The goal of this work is to provide structures and directions to allow a seamless exchange of information and interoperability between activities at the same or different level of abstraction, as well as activities across lifecycles related to different dependability attributes across application domains such as automotive, industrial, medical and avionics safety critical systems.

Sponsor Committee
C/FSSC - Functional Safety Standards Committee
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IEEE Computer Society
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Sponsor Committee
C/FSSC - Functional Safety Standards Committee
Working Group
Functional Safety Format - Exchange/Interoperability format for functional safety analysis and safety verification of IP, SoC and mixed signal ICs
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Jonathan Goldberg
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Working Group Chair
Riccardo Mariani

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