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IEEE 2781-2022

IEEE Approved Draft Guide for Load Modeling and Simulations for Power Systems

Load modeling plays a very important role in power system modeling, and the load model is an indispensable component in power system simulation. To get accurate load models and formulate a unified document, this standard is developed to provide comprehensive policies and procedures of load modeling and simulations. A review and comparison of two existing most widely used methodologies for load modeling is presented in this document, that is, the measurement-based and component-based approach. A critical and updated overview of opportunities and challenges of load modelling with emerging networks and components is also provided. The guidelines for power system simulation with a variety of load models are proposed. A case study adhering to the proposed guidelines clearly indicates the need for a hybrid approach in the future that will combine strengths of measurement-based and component-based approaches with data acquisition capabilities offered by modern measurement equipment.

Sponsor Committee
PE/SBLC - Smart Buildings, Loads and Customer Systems
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IEEE Power and Energy Society
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Sponsor Committee
PE/SBLC - Smart Buildings, Loads and Customer Systems
Working Group
Loads/Load Model - Load Modeling and Simulation WG
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Michael Kipness
Working Group Chair
Jizhong Zhu
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