Cyber-Secured Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are not trustworthy without being secured. They permanently sense the environment, communicate with each other and the infrastructure and compute massive amounts of data.

  • They implement more and more interfaces and are increasingly exposed to the external world. Their attack surface enlarges with the growing complexity of SW defined ICT based intelligence.
  • Cybersecurity vulnerabilities and risks persist throughout the lifetime of an autonomous vehicle and must therefore be managed in particular all the time during operation.

The Webinar will address some of these challenges. It will highlight different views, initiatives and priorities from Asia, Europe and America. A panel discussion with the speakers organized as a Q&A session after the presentations will identify commonalities and differences of approaches and solutions.

Supplemental Material:

The State of the Art in Cyber Security, EU Region (PDF)
Riccardo Mariani: VP Industry Safety, NVIDIA
Development Status of China’s Connected Vehicles Cybersecurity Industry, CN Region (PDF)
Yanan Zhang: Deputy Director Cyber Security, CATARC
How to Prepare the Automotive V2X-Ecosystem for the Quantum Age, US Region (PDF)
Dr. Joachim Taiber: Chief Technical Officer, International Transportation Innovation Center (ITIC)

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