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7. IEEE Participation on committees outside the IEEE

7.1 Liaisons with external organizations

7.1.1 Definition of an External Liaison
An External Liaison is appointed by an IEEE Standards Sponsor to an organization external to the IEEE. The External Liaison provides communication between their IEEE Standards Sponsor and the external organization. The volunteer serving in this capacity acts as an information conduit only and may express an opinion as part of the consensus building process.

An External Liaison is not an External Representative, as defined in the IEEE Standards Association Operations Manual, Clause 7.1.1.

7.1.2 General requirements for the establishment of an External Liaison
The IEEE Standards Sponsor shall have a sufficient degree of activity within a sector or subsector of the relevant technical or industrial field in which the External Liaison is being established.

In order to be effective, the liaison relationship shall operate in both directions.

7.1.3 Establishing an External Liaison
An IEEE Standards Sponsor may establish an External Liaison with any organization external to the IEEE it deems appropriate. Establishment of External Liaisons shall be communicated to the appropriate IEEE-SA Staff Liaison.

7.1.4 Appointment of External Liaisons
Once an IEEE Standards Sponsor has established an External Liaison, the IEEE Standards Sponsor shall appoint a representative and notify the appropriate IEEE-SA staff with the name and contact information of the representative.

7.1.5 Responsibilities of an External Liaison
The External Liaison assists the IEEE in identifying potential collaborative opportunities between the IEEE-SA and the external organization.

7.1.6 Submission of IEEE documents to an external organization
All participants in IEEE standards activities are responsible for protecting the intellectual property rights of IEEE standards. If a participant wishes to introduce an IEEE copyrighted document to an external organization, the participant shall obtain permission from the IEEE-SA.

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