General Information

General Information

The IEEE SA Entity Program facilitates the exploration of new standards opportunities at IEEE, supporting the development of projects around the full lifecycle of standards. Its international presence allows for a broad-based focus on new work areas and programs. Fueled by converging technology, an increasingly interdependent global marketplace and the unprecedented expansion and diffusion of markets, companies and standards setting organizations are entering a new era of standardization – one that calls for collaboration and increased participation.

Groups of companies are working together at the IEEE SA through its Entity Program to create the technical standards, specifications, guides and other documents and tools they need to open markets and enhance global competitiveness.

In recognition of this changing landscape, the IEEE SA Entity Program has conducted groundbreaking seminars in Germany, India, and Japan. This program also leads outreach initiatives in developing and key countries to promote standardization, fostering ties in North Africa and China to further educate new entities and to support standards efforts through IEEE’s offices in China and India.

The Entity Program has a broad-based membership support function in which organizations from industry, academia, and government cross national and regional interests in high-tech sectors. Membership is for entities in which standards play a pivotal role in R&D efforts, product development, and marketing, giving them a direct voice in an open process.

The Entity Program employs the IEEE SA Entity Collaborative Activities Governance Board (CAG) as its direct governance body.

Entity Program Vision

The IEEE SA Entity Program fosters the development of industry-relevant global standards through an equitable and timely process.

Entity Program Mission Statement

  • Create a sustainable process in the IEEE SA for the entity community to develop timely standards that support industry consensus on a global scale
  • Employ the IEEE SA Entity Collaborative Activities Governance Board as the direct governance body of the IEEE SA Entity Program

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