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IEEE Standards Used in Your Everyday Life

IEEE standards have brought about many great evolutionary leaps that we rely upon but might not immediately recognize in our daily lives.

What are Standards? Why are They Important?

Standards are published documents that establish technical specifications and procedures designed to maximize the reliability of the materials, products, methods, and/or services people use every day.

Where Are We on the Road to Ubiquitous Automotive Ethernet

Kirsten Matheus, 2020 Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Week Steering Committee Chair; Daniel Hopf, 2020 Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Week Steering Committee Vice Chair

Internet of Things: Understanding Core Challenges for Gen Z and Gen Alpha Consumers

By Ruth Lewis, Strategic IT Consultant, Moderator of Internet of Things: Understanding the core challenges for the Gen Z and the Gen Alpha Consumer Webinar

IEEE 1588-2019 Enhances Network Connectivity with Precision Time Protocol

IEEE 1588 specifies the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) used to transfer time through a network so that everything in the network operates in a synchronized manner.

IEEE 802.11bf Aims to Enable a New Application of WLAN Technology: WLAN Sensing

IEEE 802.11bf standard helps enhance reliability and efficiency of WLAN sensing and establish interoperability of wireless devices to enable new applications.

IEEE 802.1 YANG Data Model Standards Enhance Next-Generation Network Management

Learn about how various IEEE 802.1 YANG Data Model Standards contribute to next-generation network management.

IEEE 802.1AS-2020 Standard Fuels Growth of Industrial Automation, Automotive Networking, and 5G Applications

Glenn Parsons, IEEE 802.1 Working Group Chair; Geoffrey Garner, IEEE 802.1AS Editor

New IEEE 802.3™ Standards Provide Platforms for the Next Ethernet Innovations

Two IEEE 802.3 standards published in 2020 intend to drive ethernet innovations in business and residential services, and automotive networking.
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