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Newly Released IEEE 802.11az Standard Improving Wi-Fi Location Accuracy is Set to Unleash a New Wave of Innovation

By Jonathan Segev, Chair, IEEE 802.11az, and Roy Want, Standards Editor, IEEE 802.11az

The Evolution of Wi-Fi Technology and Standards

How IEEE 802.11 Standards Have Driven the Evolution of Wi-Fi and Enable Future Applications

Where Life Meets Standards

In this interactive cityscape, explore how many of the technologies we come across daily have connections to IEEE Standards.

Promoting Standardization in Smart Manufacturing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications

IEEE SA Volunteer Spotlight: Sha Wei

IEEE Standard for Design Criteria of Integrated Sensor-Based Test Applications for Household Appliances

A data integrated framework of the test software for household appliances is defined by this standard. The node information of complex virtual instruments (CVIs), the sensor parameter information, the test…

5 Ways Technology Standards Can Help You In Your Career

Many of the technologies, devices, and products you work with as a technology professional, from Wi-Fi to messaging apps, function based on IEEE Standards.

Common Purpose, Different Paths: Stories of IEEE Standards Developers

From Wi-Fi to electric vehicles (EVs), and medical devices to smart grid, IEEE has nearly 1,200 active standards and 1,000 standards under development. Behind IEEE’s leadership in standards development and…

Data Privacy and Ease-of-Use in Wireless Networks

How Two New IEEE 802.11 Standardization Projects Aim to Strike the Balance

IEEE Standards Used in Your Everyday Life

IEEE standards have brought about many great evolutionary leaps that we rely upon but might not immediately recognize in our daily lives.
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