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In this interactive cityscape, explore how many of the technologies we come across daily have connections to IEEE Standards.


When IEEE Standards Association launched the IEEE SA Interactive Soccer Stadium to coincide with the 2022 FIFA World Cup, it was clear there was wider interest in more real-world visualization of technology standards. We’re proud to announce that this stadium is now part of an encompassing experience that has been developed to demonstrate the applicability and breadth of IEEE Standards — the IEEE SA Interactive Cityscape.

From the internet to health care, and the smart grid to transportation, technology standards set the framework to keep technology innovating. By the time you’ve sat at your computer today to read this, you’ve interacted with dozens of technology standards, perhaps without even knowing it. This cityscape gives you a chance to learn about some of the many IEEE Standards that help create efficient, sustainable, and smart communities.

There’s no mistaking the sounds of a city—traffic, kids playing, ships coming into dock. With this updated version, you’ll hear and see even more on your tour. Start with a birds-eye view of the city; you’ll see an amusement park, a grocery store, a solar rooftop, and a wind farm.

We’ve added something new: take the IEEE-USA’s MOVE Community Outreach Trucks for a spin to learn more about its mobile emergency relief program, offering short-term communications infrastructure, computer, and power solutions.

The hospital highlights the IEEE 11073™ family of standards used in medical and personal health devices; a stroll down the avenue features an autonomous vehicle that uses standards within IEEE 802.11™ to guide radio communications, while IEEE P3116™ addresses automotive radar senses to help vehicles navigate blind spots and traffic warnings.

Across town, a utility-scale wind turbine farm generates electric energy to power the city; IEEE 2760™ provides guidance for wind power plant grounding system design and IEEE 1588™ enhances network connectivity for electrical distribution.

Explore the interactive cityscape and see (and hear!) for yourself how technologies enabled by IEEE Standards are reimagining what we thought possible.

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