IEEE 802.16-2004 - IEEE Standard for Local and metropolitan area networks - Part 16: Air Interface for Fixed Broadband Wireless Access Systems
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This standard specifies the air interface of fixed broadband wireless access (BWA) systems supporting multimedia services. The medium access control layer (MAC) supports a primarily point-to-multipoint architecture, with an optional mesh topology. The MAC is structured to support multiple physical layer (PHY) specifications, each suited to a particular operational environment. For operational frequencies from 10–66 GHz, the PHY is based on single-carrier modulation. For frequencies below 11 GHz, where propagation without a direct line of sight must be accommodated, three alternatives are provided, using OFDM, OFDMA, and single carrier modulation. This standard revises and consolidates IEEE Std 802.16-2001, IEEE Std 802.16a-2003, and IEEE Std 802.16c-2002.
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