IEEE 1900.1-2008 - IEEE Standard Definitions and Concepts for Dynamic Spectrum Access: Terminology Relating to Emerging Wireless Networks, System Functionality, and Spectrum Management
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Because of the complexity and interrelationship of some of the terms used in discussing advanced radio system technologies, additional tutorial material is provided in informative annexes and NOTES. It is the purpose of this additional tutorial material to amplify and clarify the briefer definitions. However, it is not the intent of this informative text to provide an exhaustive description of these technologies and new spectrum management concepts, but to provide high-level descriptive information to supplement the brief definitions. Clause 2 of the document provides definitions of advanced radio system terms, whereas Clause 3 defines the functional capabilities associated with these systems. Clause 4 defines some network technologies that support the distributed functionality of these systems. Spectrum management terms and definitions are found in Clause 5. Ancillary terms are found in Clause 6. The annexes are non-normative (not part of the standard) but are included to provide additional information on the advanced radio system and spectrum management concepts that are the focus of this standard.
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