Re-Think Health Podcast
Understanding New Tools and Approaches for Better Health Outcomes

As individuals we want better health – accessible, more precise, efficient, safe, and most importantly highly effective. There are new tools out there that have the opportunity to satisfy some, if not all, of our wish list for better health. However, these tools require a lot of re-thinking of the approach to monitoring, diagnosis, therapeutic development, and care delivery while proving that the tools can be trusted and validated in their use. 

In the five-part Re-Think Health Season 1, we will share expert insights into the latest technology applications, vet stakeholders’ unresolved concerns, and motivate progressive committed thinkers to take an action to collaborate, build consensus and develop solutions for trusted and validated adoption.

What's in Re-Think Health Season 1

S1 E1: BioCompute – Open and Connected Gene Communication
S1 E2: Decentralizing Clinical Trials – Removing the Pain in Enhancing Patient Care
S1 E3: Taking a Stand - Moving Medical Wearables Beyond Monitoring
S1 E4: Establishing a Standard of Quality in Digital Therapeutics
S1 E5: Contact Tracing Applications and Technologies Beyond COVID-19

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Maria Palombini Headshot

Maria Palombini
Director, Emerging Communities & Opportunities Development, GBSI, IEEE SA

Maria currently leads the IEEE SA Healthcare & Life Sciences Practice working with a global community of stakeholder volunteers who are committed to establishing trust and validation in tools and technologies that will change the approach to discover therapies, deliver care, and ultimately enable a sustainable and universal quality of care for all.



Short, quick, and concise information can inspire you to investigate and evaluate these new technology applications. 

Through these short bursts of expert content, we explore the possibilities both opportunistically and the challenges they present for adoption. We are going to listen, ask the right questions, and do a little research. 

Together, we will write the prescription for a more effective, precise and efficient level of care for ALL individuals by exploring the tools that may give them the right to access, security, privacy, and ultimately better health. All we need to do is start thinking about it in a different way.

Who Should Participate?
Our doors are open to any stakeholder who is interested in learning about the latest technologies in Health and Life Sciences and/or wants to contribute towards solutions for establishing trust and validation for driving adoption of these technology applications.


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The topics below will heavily focus on the new technology applications, data challenges, or other cutting-edge approaches to improving an individual’s health from R&D to individual consumption.

  • Telehealth - sustainable connectivity, accessibility, security, and privacy
  • Pharmaceutical Drug Development and Distribution - new technology applications and protocols to optimize R&D, Drug Discovery, Clinical Trials, Manufacturing/Supply Chain, and Distribution (ie. pharmacy, hospital, etc) more efficacious and efficient 
  • Clinical Health - new technologies and applications for more precise diagnosis, treatment, and research
  • Mobilized Health - Interoperable, mobile devices bringing critical care from the hospital/site to the home 
  • Digital Therapeutics/Wellness - Validating and establishing trust in the use of commercial and clinical-grade technologies, smart applications, and other devices to treat various therapeutic conditions 
  • Food Sustainability, Safety, and Security - Safeguarding the food supply from the source through to individual consumption 
  • Patient Data Agency - empowering patients to better manage their health with access, management, consent to share and protection of their health/wellness data

Technologies In Reference Including But Not Limited To:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Federated/Machine Learning (ML)
  • Biosensors/ IoMTs (Internet of Medical Things)/IoIMT (Internet of Implantable Medical Things)
  • Blockchain/DLTs (Distributed Ledger Technologies)
  • Connected Wireless Medical Devices
  • 5G
  • Open Source Solutions
  • Robotics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Quantum Computing
  • VR/AR (Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality)


If you are interested in participating as a guest, underwriting the series, or just have general ideas for great topics, please email Maria Palombini at

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