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IEEE 666-2007

IEEE Design Guide for Electric Power Service Systems for Generating Stations

This guide applies to station service systems that supply electric power to auxiliary loads for electric power generating stations. The discussions and recommendations in this guide provide the practices, criteria, and range of system parameters that relate to the service system requirements and assist in the application of existing engineering documents. This guide is not a handbook of design data; however, it explains what is good power service systems for generating stations. Revision of IEEE Std 666-1991

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PE/EDPG - Energy Development & Power Generation
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IEEE Power and Energy Society
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PE/EDPG - Energy Development & Power Generation
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IEEE Guide for Application of AC Adjustable-Speed Drives on 2400 to 13,800 Volt Auxiliary Systems in Electric Power Generating Stations

A fundamental understanding of the operation, selection, and application of ac adjustable-speed drives on 2400 to 13 800 V auxiliary systems in electric power generation stations are provided in this guide. This guide applies to dc link type, ac adjustable-speed drives (ASDs) and does not address other drive systems such as cycloconverters. Included are overviews of ASD terminology, theory of operation, and a discussion of the factors that can influence equipment selection. Also defined are drive system classifications, design considerations, the interactions between the ASD and the electric supply system and the driven load, economic evaluation approaches, and typical applications. Finally, guidance on ASD specifications and installation are provided.

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