Casting Your Ballot

Casting Your Ballot

The IEEE balloting process is an important part of the strength of IEEE consensus standards. All stakeholders have an opportunity to participate. The ballot process is as much a part of the standards-writing process as is the Working Group that develops the standard, because votes and comments made during the ballot are used not only to approve or disapprove the standard, but to ensure that stakeholders who were not able to participate can also have input into the standard.

Voting on IEEE standards is a responsibility that should be taken seriously. Those who sign up to ballot must submit ballots. The votes cast and comments offered should be made in the spirit of trying to develop a good standard. Each stakeholder should cast a vote that indicates whether they believe that their interests are properly represented in the draft document’s content, but if a vote is negative, specific reasons should be given as to the reasons for a negative vote. The balloter should also explain what changes to the draft would cause the balloter to change his or her vote and support the revised standard. A simple negative ballot without reasons cannot be resolved, so it would have no real influence on the standard’s content.

To ballot on an IEEE standards—be it an individual or entity project—IEEE SA membership is required, or a payment of a per project ballot fee.

Balloting is done through the myBallot system — an automated service providing an electronic, web-based standards balloting service. myBallot offers users 24/7 access to balloting tools and related information. It allows for online voting and comment submission based on predetermined policy and procedures facilitating the development of global industry standards.

How do I join an Activity Area in myBallot?

To enroll in an Activity Area in myBallot, you must have an IEEE Account. Using your IEEE Account username and password, you will need to log in to myProject.

Once you join an Activity Area in the myBallot system, you will receive email notifications when ballot groups are being formed. If you would like to join the ballot group, you will need to log onto myBallot to enroll.

Remember: You do not have to receive an invitation to participate in balloting. Log onto myBallot often and click the link “Show/Join Open Ballot Invitations” to see what ballot groups are being formed and enroll in what interests you.

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