Raising The World’s Standards

Raising the World's Standards

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Raising the World's Standards is our mantra for the future of standards and technology collaboration.

The IEEE SA is transforming to meet the needs of the industry, serving as a globally open, problem-solving platform. Here, greater international reach can increase market adoption and growth. The drive to raise standards overall can advance technology for humanity. And what happens now can change everything.

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Empowering the world’s innovators to shape and improve technology.

Enhance Global Reach

IEEE SA cultivates collaboration and helps to mobilize people from diverse backgrounds and industry sectors in a unique borderless standardization paradigm to develop market relevant open standards and solutions that go beyond standards.

Get a Direct Connection to Industry

By participating in IEEE SA global standards development and related programs, you get connected to experts, resources and information—empowering you with advanced insights into market requirements, needs and trends for a competitive edge.

Pave New Paths

Members of the growing IEEE SA community create new market spaces and enhance existing ones, and work to proactively improve how standards are developed, used and innovated upon to benefit end users in the marketplace and benefit humanity.

Contribute to the Building Blocks for a Sustainable Future

Global, open standards play a prominent role in our lives. They are the unseen force behind innovation, serving as building blocks for a better world. By being part of IEEE SA and its programs, you help make technology safer, interoperable and sustainable for the future.

Leading the way as a catalyst for collaboration in a global technology landscape.

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