Drafting the Standard

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The vast majority of IEEE SA Working Groups work in either Adobe FrameMaker® or Microsoft Word®. We try our best to make our templates usable by people with different skill levels and hope the provided resources are instructive. For help navigating IEEE SA templates, please contact the editorial team at sa_templates@ieee.org.

If you want to work in another platform, please contact editorial staff before beginning the work.



Style Manual (PDF)

SI10 (PDF)

Metric policy (PDF)


Microsoft Word® Template: How-to Video Tutorials

Select the titles below to view a video tutorial for a specific topic related to the use of the Microsoft Word® template. During these instructional videos, we’ll cover important information to assist Working Groups as they draft an IEEE standard. These tutorials are loosely arranged in the order they will be encountered when working through the template.


Required Information
This video tutorial walks you through the process of completing the Required Information section of a draft standard.
Table of Contents
Learn how to add and update the Table of Contents in a draft standard.
Provides assistance when adding and formatting definitions of terms in a draft standard.
Clause and Subclause Headers + Numbered Lists
Understand how to add clause and subclause headers in the main body and the annex section of a draft standard, along with how (and when) to add dash and numbered lists.
Cross Reference, Notes, Footnotes
Provides guidance when inserting cross references to different types of content in a draft, along with adding notes and footnotes.
Caution and Warning Text
How to add Caution or Warning text to your draft standard.
How to add figures or graphics and accompanying text to a draft standard document. Additionally, how to adjust the layout for figures or graphics.
Video tutorial demonstrating how to add and format tables.
Covers the adding and editing of equations using Microsoft Equation Editor. Learn to add numbering to the equations as well.
Demonstration on how to add an annex and annex header to a draft standard.
Add a bibliographic annex to a draft standard; learn to add individual bibliographic entries.