Drafting the Standard

The IEEE SA provides editorial draft development support to more than 500 Working Groups and publishes more than 100 standards a year. Our mission is to make the editorial aspects of draft development as streamlined as possible (by offering end-to-end support of the content lifecycle) so that Working Groups can focus on what they do best—drafting world-class technical content.

Generally, Working Groups interact with editorial staff three times during their standards development journey: The drafting stage, the balloting stage (MEC), and the post-SASB approval publishing stage. We have developed comprehensive tools and guides to aid you during every step of the process. IEEE staff editors (more formally known as Program Managers, Document Development) are extensively trained in both the publishing process and the standards development process. If you get stuck at any time, please contact us—we are here to help.


Important guidelines
for composing your
standard draft.
Taking your draft
from approval
to publication.

Links to templates,
videos, and manuals.


How your staff
liaison and staff editor
can help you.