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IEEE Standards University ‘Mars Space Colony: A Game of Standardization’ workshop

IEEE Standards University ‘Mars Space Colony: A Game of Standardization’ workshop 
Seventeen young professional engineers attending the 2018 Young Professionals in Space conference, Barcelona, Spain, 17th – 21st July 2018 took part in the IEEE Standards University ‘Mars Space Colony: A Game of Standardization’ workshop. The purpose of the Mars Game is to educate engineers about what standards are, and how consensus can be reached in developing a standard, given conflicting individual goals. 
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IEEE Standards Engagements in Austria

IEEE Standards Engagements in Austria address ‘Autonomous Cars for Automated Driving’ 
Transportation, in particular the automotive industry, is undergoing a radical transformation driven by unprecedented advances of information and communication technologies including machine learning and real-time environmental modeling. 
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Recent Activities:

IEEE-SA and TU Delft Host Workshop on Ethical Considerations in Technology

IEEE Standards Engagements in Turkey highlight IEEE 802™ and eHealth Standardization Activities

IEEE and the Ministry of Economy of the United States of Mexico Sign General Cooperation Agreement on Standards Development 

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About Global Engagement

IEEE seeks cooperation with relevant organizations and stakeholders from around the world to achieve global inclusiveness in the advancement of technology and to increase interoperability. Here is some information about specific relationships, activities, and processes.

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