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Supporting collaboration, development and adoption of standards across the globe with industry, governments and the public.

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CIO Strategy Council (CIOSC)

Future of Data Governance and Standards
In 2018, the IEEE entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with CIO Strategy Council (CIOSC) and the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) to work together in forging a clear path forward with respect to governance challenges posed by emerging technologies for societies and decision makers around the globe.

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Picture of people attending a seminar - 3rd Africa Smart Grid Forum 2018

IEEE-SA Leads a Dynamic Program of Activity in Eastern Africa
The IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) held several events in Eastern Africa as follow-on on past meetings and engagements, and to continue to build awareness and connections with the local technology communities the first week of October, aligning with IEEE Day and World Standards Day activities.

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Recent Activities:

OECD, IEEE and DQI Announce Platform for Coordinating Digital Intelligence Across Technology and Education Sectors

IEEE Congratulatory Video Celebrates ANSI’s 100-Year Anniversary

IEEE Standards University ‘Mars Space Colony: A Game of Standardization’ workshop

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About Global Engagement

IEEE seeks cooperation with relevant organizations and stakeholders from around the world to achieve global inclusiveness in the advancement of technology and to increase interoperability. Here is some information about specific relationships, activities, and processes.

Cooperative Relationships
List of cooperative relationships and agreements with other organizations.

IEEE-SA Liaisons
View a listing of liaisons between IEEE committees and other standards developers.

Adoption Process
Read about the different processes of adopting IEEE and non-IEEE standards.

IEEE Standards with ISO and/or IEC
Listing of IEEE standards adopted by or developed with ISO and/or IEC.

Translated IEEE Standards
Listing of standards that have been translated from the original English version into other languages.

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