Tag: IEEE 802.11™ Wireless LAN Working Group

Data Privacy and Ease-of-Use in Wireless Networks

How Two New IEEE 802.11 Standardization Projects Aim to Strike the Balance

IEEE 802.11bf Aims to Enable a New Application of WLAN Technology: WLAN Sensing

Tony Xiao Han, Chair of IEEE 802.11bf (WLAN Sensing)Assaf Kasher, Vice-Chair of IEEE 802.11bf (WLAN Sensing)Claudio da Silva, Technical Editor of IEEE 802.11bf (WLAN Sensing)

Unlock the Power of Real-Time IEEE 802.11™ ‘Wi-Fi®’ Networks

Consumer behavior is changing the wireless network landscape, with an ever-growing need for bandwidth and speed. Powerful new wireless devices, increasing usage of wireless Internet access and a growing range…

IEEE P802.11be™ to Enable Extremely High Throughput (EHT) and Low Latency for Wi-Fi®

The IEEE 802.11™ Working Group has established a new standardization project focusing on Enhancements for Extremely High Throughput (EHT). The project represents the next-generation standard beyond IEEE 802.11ax™, with target…

IEEE 802.11 Working Group: Speeding Us On Our Way for 20 Years

The IEEE 802.11 Working Group celebrated its 20th anniversary as an active wireless standards development organization.

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