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IEEE SA Places Focus to Fuel the Future of Mobility

New IEEE Standards in Automotive and Aerospace to Bridge Innovations for Better Connectivity and Safety

How Time-Sensitive Networking Benefits Fronthaul Transport

IEEE 802.1CM™ Standard Connects Fronthaul Transport Networks via More Cost-effective Packet Ethernet Solution

Where Are We on the Road to Ubiquitous Automotive Ethernet

Kirsten Matheus, 2020 Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Week Steering Committee Chair; Daniel Hopf, 2020 Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Week Steering Committee Vice Chair

Internet of Things: Understanding Core Challenges for Gen Z and Gen Alpha Consumers

By Ruth Lewis, Strategic IT Consultant, Moderator of Internet of Things: Understanding the core challenges for the Gen Z and the Gen Alpha Consumer Webinar

IEEE 1588-2019 Enhances Network Connectivity with Precision Time Protocol

IEEE 1588 specifies the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) used to transfer time through a network so that everything in the network operates in a synchronized manner.

IEEE 802.1 YANG Data Model Standards Enhance Next-Generation Network Management

Learn about how various IEEE 802.1 YANG Data Model Standards contribute to next-generation network management.

IEEE 802.1AS-2020 Standard Fuels Growth of Industrial Automation, Automotive Networking, and 5G Applications

Glenn Parsons, IEEE 802.1 Working Group Chair; Geoffrey Garner, IEEE 802.1AS Editor

Unlock the Power of Real-Time IEEE 802.11™ ‘Wi-Fi®’ Networks

Consumer behavior is changing the wireless network landscape, with an ever-growing need for bandwidth and speed. Powerful new wireless devices, increasing usage of wireless Internet access and a growing range…
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