Tag: Ethically Aligned Design (EAD)

Four Conditions for Building Trusted AI Systems

Effectiveness, Competence, Accountability, and Transparency

Building Customer Confidence in Artificial Intelligence Systems for the Financial Industry

New IEEE Finance Playbook Helps Define the Value of Trusted AI for Financial Services

Introducing the Measurementality Series on Artificial Intelligence Systems

Defining What Counts in the Algorithmic Age

Evolving Procurement for Artificial Intelligence Systems in Cities and Beyond

As Artificial Intelligence Systems (AIS) technology is increasingly sourced from private companies for public use, existing procurement standards may fall short in proactively identifying harm or mitigating risks for citizens…

SDGs and Personal Sovereignty: Digital Trust in the Algorithmic Age

In the wake of COVID-19, with increased need for location tracking and the sharing of biometric and medical data to combat the pandemic, a dialogue has emerged in governmental, commercial,…
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