PC37.90.1 - Standard for Relays, Relay Systems, and Control Devices used for Protection and Control of Electric Power Apparatus-Surge Withstand Capability (SWC) and Electrical Fast Transient (EFT) Requirements and Tests
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This standard specifies design tests for relays, relay systems, and control devices used for Protection and Control of Electric Power Apparatus, that relate to the immunity of this equipment to repetitive electrical transients. Two types of tests are specified, the oscillatory (SWC) and electrical fast transient (EFT) tests. For devices with communication ports, where the device does not perform protection or control functions, testing of the communication functions is covered by IEEE Standard 1613. Where the device performs protection or control functions and has communication ports, tests for all communication functions are covered by this document. For devices without communication ports, the tests are covered by this document.
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