PC37.20.6 - Standard for 4.76 kV to 48.3 kV Rated Ground and Test Devices Used in Enclosures
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This standard covers drawout-type, indoor, medium-voltage ground and test (G&T) devices for use in drawout metal-clad switchgear rated 4.76 kV through 48.3 kV as described in IEEE Std C37.20.2(TM). Four G&T device types are generally supplied for temporary circuit maintenance procedures for insertion in place of the circuit breaker as follows: a) Simple manual devices b) Complex manual devices c) Simple electrical devices d) Complex electrical devices There may be more complicated G&T devices that may include current and/or voltage transformers, glow tubes, or other accessory components. These more complex devices are not within the scope of this standard. This standard can be used to provide guidance in their development but additional testing and interlocking may be required.
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