IEEE PC37.09-2018/Cor 1 - IEEE Draft Standard Test Procedures for AC High-Voltage Circuit Breakers with Rated Maximum Voltage above 1000 V - Corrigendum 1
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a. Clause 4.10.4 the ratio of zero and positive sequence currents in single phase capacitive switching procedure should be less than 3.0 rather than greater than 3.0. b. Errors in clause and regarding reference to the procedure for separate making tests. c. change in punctuation for clarity d. Throughout document unify terms for rated voltage, including in equations to use "Ur" rather than "V" f. Clause 4.1.2 i) is missing some words required for clear meaning. g. Correct references and terms used by both C37.04 and C37.09 so they are identical h. Remove classification of tests in the Scope as only design tests are covered. i. Clauses 4.5.7 and to make clear that average of the test impulses shall be equal or higher than rated value j. clarify in which tests to be performed at minimum control voltage k. Correct item list in l. Correct title of Figure 3 and correct Figure 4 (example for incorrect grounding condition given) m. Correct arcing window/multiplier in Table 5 n. Correct item list in o. correct the steps of electrical degrees for capacitance switching duties in (30° for single- and 10° for three phase) p. further minor items depending upon agreement in the WG
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