P664 - Guide for Laboratory Measurement of the Power Dissipation Characteristics of Aeolian Vibration Dampers for Single Conductors
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The purpose of this guide is to describe the current methodologies, including apparatus, procedures, and measurement accuracies, for the testing of vibration dampers. In addition, some basic guidance is also provided to inform the potential user of a given method's strengths and weaknesses (see clause 6). Due to the variety of vibration damper designs, more than one test method may be required to obtain the necessary information on dissipation characteristics. This guide is written to describe some of the procedures for determining the dynamic characteristics of vibration dampers and damping systems. It is intended that it will assist in the standardization of the methods included as well as result in providing a more detailed perspective in obtaining reliable information on a vibration damper's dissipation characteristics. Please note that the methodologies and procedures incorporated in this guide are applicable to indoor testing only and are in no way associated with the field testing of vibration dampers. By using the appropriate technique(s) outlined, data can be acquired that can be utilized in the application of dampers; however, this topic is considered beyond the scope of this guide. In general, it is intended that this guide will provide an improved understanding of vibration testing procedures.
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