P454 - Guide for the Detection, Measurement and Interpretation of Partial Discharges
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This Guide applies to the detection, measurement and interpretation of partial discharges (PD) occurring in or around the insulation of electrical apparatus or its components through phase resolved measurement of the associated apparent charge appearing at the terminals when an alternating voltage is applied. Topics addressed include: * information on basic discharge physics and material related defect discharge mechanisms, * basic principles of electrical PD calibration, detection, and measurement using the apparent charge method, * explanation and interpretation of phase resolved PD patterns associated with common insulation defects, * explanation and interpretation of the effects of time and voltage level (electric field stress) on PD behavior associated with common insulation defects, * tutorial information regarding the internal propagation of high frequency signals resulting from partial discharges occurring in high-voltage equipment, and the resulting impact on measurement sensitivity. While the information presented is generally applicable to measurements made both in the laboratory and in the field, a separate clause is included to offer guidance on special considerations and techniques that can be especially useful in noisy environments (e.g. field measurements). Where apparatus-specific testing procedures or requirements are involved, these shall be specified by the relevant Technical Committee.
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