P4004 - Standard for Calibration of Microwave Radiometers in the 300 MHz to 1 THz Frequency Range for Geoscience Applications
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The scope of this standard is the calibration procedures for microwave radiometers for use in geoscience remote sensing applications. The frequency range addressed encompasses 300 MHz to 1 THz. The standard separately addresses: a) terminology in use in the field of radiometer calibration, such as "absolute uncertainty", "traceable", "inter-calibration", "vicarious calibration" etc.; b) ground, air-borne, and spaceborne radiometers and their respective calibration techniques; c) free-space calibration and single-mode (e.g. guided wave) calibrations; d) calibration of total power, Dicke switched, and differential radiometer architectures; e) calibration of polarized radiometers, including full Stoke's radiometers; f) referencing brightness temperature units to the fundamental unit Kelvin and fundamental constants; Note that the scope includes radiometers for geoscience applications only and will not address radiometer calibration for use in other fields such as radio-astronomy, medical, or security.
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