P2882 - Guide for Validation of Software Models of Renewable and Conventional Generators for Power System Studies
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This document provides guidelines for the validation of software models for renewable and conventional generators used for power system studies. For the purposes of this guide, ‘validation’ is a procedure and set of acceptance criteria that can be used referred by users of the models who may not have intimate knowledge of the models’ contents to confirm that the models perform well numerically and provide the intended response(s). The validation procedure can also be used for identifying data errors or inconsistencies before and after assembly of generator software models with the network models. The guide covers generator models that can be either generic or vendor-supplied proprietary models. The guide covers model validation for a broad range of power system analysis such as steady-state, short circuit, harmonic, reliability, motor starting, protection coordination, dynamic stability, Electromagnetic Transients Program (EMTP), and sub-synchronous resonance. The guide also covers the validation of generators and associated equipment models that are integrated with the transmission and distribution networks. The guide does not cover validation procedures methods for developing and testing of generator software models, nor does it cover software model validation of generator software models against field measurements and other types of site or factory tests.
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