P2858 - Standard for Mini-program Architecture and Technical Requirements
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This project defines the general architecture and technical requirements for mini-programs, including; (1) the terms and definitions of mini-program related concepts, (2) the structure of a mini-program package which could be downloaded and run in base mobile applications, (3) the lifecycle management of a mini-program, (4) the requirements for base mobile applications which provide the running environment for a mini-program, including the common components and common APIs which should be supported by base mobile applications, (5) unified deeplink rules for different mini-programs jumping, (6) the security requirements for mini-program development, release, running and communication. Here, mini-program means a kind of lightweight program running in a native application, which combines web technologies e.g. HTML5 and the capabilities of the native application to achieve a native-like user experience on a mobile device, and base mobile application means a native application which provides running environment for mini-programs.
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