P2800.1 - Guide for Test and Verification Procedures for Inverter-Based Resources Interconnecting with Associated Transmission Electric Power Systems
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This guide provides test and verification procedures for inverter-based resources interconnecting with transmission electric power systems. This guide specifies the test equipment, test conditions and test and verification methods for type tests, production tests, facility design and as-built evaluations and commissioning tests to be performed to demonstrate the interconnection capabilities and functions for equipment connected with transmission electric power systems. Included in the test and verification procedures are all performance and functional requirements for reliable integration of inverter-based resources into the power grid, including, but not limited to, voltage and frequency ride-through performance, reactive power control, power quality, and dynamic voltage support under abnormal voltage conditions. This guide may also specify verification procedures for generic steady-state short-circuit models for fault analysis, as well as, generic, fundamental frequency, stability-type models (root-mean-square, rms with positive-sequence and possibly negative-sequence representation) of inverter-based resources interconnecting with transmission electric power systems for bulk system stability studies and/or proprietary time-domain (electromagnetic transient, emt) models for verification of interconnection requirements of composite systems (facilities) at the point of interconnection..
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