P2748 - Recommended Practice for Fault Diagnosis and Protection in Smart Distribution System
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This recommended practice focuses on the configurations and strategies of fault diagnosis and protection corresponding to different grid operation modes, control patterns, equipment conditions and reliability requirements in smart distribution network. With the development of information and communication technology (ICT), there is diverse and abundant data in monitoring and control systems for distribution network. And due to the connection of Distributed Generations and electric vehicles, the distribution network becomes more diversified and complex. Considering different distribution network conditions and requirements, this recommended practice provides valuable practices relevant to the fault diagnosis and protection strategies including safety operation requirements, architecture of fault diagnosis and protection configuration, basic functions and technical indexes of software systems and hardware terminals, the realization modes of fault diagnosis and protection, relevant information exchange demand, etc. The fault types cover faults of line break, single-phase-to-ground and short circuit, etc. This recommended practice applies to distribution system from 6kV to 20kV.
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