P2413.2 - Standard for a Reference Architecture for Power Distribution IoT (PDIoT)
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This standard provides an architectural blueprint for the development of the Power Distribution IoT (PDIoT) engaging various domains and stakeholders, including cloud computing, IoT, legacy grid systems and promoting integration and interoperability among various components of electric power grid. This standard leverages the IEEE 2413 Standard for an Architectural Framework for Internet of Things. The IEEE 2413 globally recognized IoT Architecture Framework is a foundation for this standard. This standard defines a reference architecture for Power Distribution that includes a Power Distribution Cloud based platform, which supports microservices based rapid development and deployment of distribution grid systems, and migration from legacy monolithic distribution grid operating systems to Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, including descriptions of various IoT services, big data and machine learning driven real-time decision making. The standard defines the four layers of the Power Distribution IoT architecture, terminal layer including terminal units, sensors and actuators, communication network layer, edge computing layer, and the IoT cloud-based application layer to support existing and future distribution grid operation and business services. It also defines interfaces and interactions between the PDIoT cloud operation centers, the edge computing nodes, sensors and actuators, and big data analytics that supports PDIoT. The standard also describes the Power Distribution Grid IoT operation center which aggregates a wide range of applications on a shared software and hardware decoupled cloud platform. The PDIoT operation center supports fast and agile migration from legacy distribution grid operating systems to an IoT cloud. It enables efficient collaboration across renewable energy resources, electric vehicles IoT, smart buildings, supports visualization of distribution grid operational status, and facilitates decision-making and business planning based on knowledge derived from historical, real-time or near-real-time data, and big data. This standard also describes security aspects of the Power Distribution Grid architecture.
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