P1722b - Standard for a Transport Protocol for Time-Sensitive Applications in Bridged Local Area Networks – Amendment: New and Extended Streaming Formats
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This project specifies extensions to IEEE Std 1722 to add support for ITU-T (Telecommunication Standardization Sector of ITU) Recommendation H.265 v7 (11/2019) - High efficiency video coding and AOMedia Video 1 video compression format (AV1), and a new audio format that supports temporal redundancy. This project improves the Clock Reference Stream (CRS) format, enlarges the Audio/Video Transport Protocol (AVTP) sequence number, improves the CAN (Controller Area Network) and LIN (Local Interconnect Network) formats, improves support for tracking grandmaster changes, supports longer presentation time intervals, clarifies clock stability indicators, and provides guidance on how to handle out-of-order arrival of AVTP Protocol Data Unit (PDUs).
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