P1122 - Standard for Digital Recorders for Measurements in High-Voltage and High-Current Impulse Tests
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This standard is applicable to digital recorders and digital oscilloscopes used for measurements during tests with high-impulse voltages and high-impulse currents, as defined in IEEE Std 4-2013, IEEE Standard for High-Voltage Testing Techniques. It covers the measuring characteristics and calibrations required to meet the measuring accuracy specified in IEEE Std 4-2013 and IEEE Std C57.98-2011. The characteristics of general-purpose digital recorders are covered in IEEE Std 1057-2007. This standard a) Defines the terms specifically related to the digital recorders used for making high-voltage and high-current impulse measurements; b) Specifies the necessary performance characteristics for such digital recorders to ensure their compliance with the requirements for high-voltage and high-current impulse tests; c) Describes the tests and procedures that are necessary to show that these performance characteristics are within the specified limits.
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