P11073-10206 - Health informatics -- Device interoperability -- Part 10206: Personal health device communication -- Abstract information content model
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This standard defines an object-oriented abstract information model to represent observations generated by personal health devices and the relationships between the elements in those observations. It specifies what information needs to be present in the modeling of the system aspects of a device. This standard exploits the existing IEEE 11073-10101 nomenclature. It models observations in a generic way by using representations of the data types underlying the observations. The modeling follows the existing practice exemplified in IEEE 11073-20601. This standard defines a simplified protocol-independent information content model using one or more broadly adopted methods of representation for personal health devices. Such a representation provides a concrete understanding of the model. Further, the representation has sufficient detail to help ensure consistency so that organizations are able to validate that there is no loss of semantic content after an exchange or transformation. This standard does not contain any security framework. The work focuses on creating a simplified information model for personal health devices based on IEEE 11073-20601, eliminating any data exchange dependencies.
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