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The Functional Safety Terminology Landscape

This white paper, developed by the Functional Safety Standards Committee (FSSC), describes the landscape of functional safety terminology as used across multiple domains. It has been observed that there are multiple definitions for many of the terms--some of which are domain specific--and there is often an assumption that the terms…

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IEEE UAS Standards Tracking and Standards Development Related Research Needs

This paper discusses the findings of an integrated team that formed to identify current IEEE unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) standards and possible research gaps. The team identified the list of standards published by the IEEE and validated whether the standards had been captured correctly. The team also identified research gaps…

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IEEE Industry Connections (IEEE-IC) Landmarks and Measurement Standards Comparison in 3D Body-model Processing

This white paper reviews the current standards landscape for three-dimensional body scanning, body landmarking, and measuring. International standards are compared and recommendations are made for a minimal set of landmarks and measurements (L&M) needed for several industrial use cases of 3D Body Processing such as fit and size estimation, retail,…

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Assessment of DER Interconnection Installation for Conformance with IEEE Std 1547

Standards and codes establish the functional performance requirements of equipment interconnecting Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) with an Electric Power System (EPS). Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTLs) evaluate equipment for safety and compliance with applicable standards and codes. Equipment meeting these requirements are then listed as suitable for their intended use…

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IEEE Industry Connections (IEEE-IC) Personalized Digital Last (a Women’s Example)--The Tool Required to Enable Mass Customization

This white paper examines the development of a personalized digital last and the impact on the role of footwear technicians. As the personalized digital last becomes the basis of future footwear production, the role of footwear technicians may expand to include a broader definition of fit, maintaining libraries of different…

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5G Enabled Agriculture Ecosystem: Food Supply Chain, Rural Development, and Climate Resiliency

The IEEE SA Transdisciplinary Framework for 5G and Future Networks Enabled Applications and Services Industry Connections (IC) white paper discusses the end-to-end agriculture ecosystem in the context of the food supply chain, rural development, and climate resiliency. A transdisciplinary framework that includes ecosystems, networks, and governance may address the end-to-end…

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IEEE 802 Nendica Report: The Lossless Network for Data Centers

Modern data centers are tasked with delivering intelligent multi-media responses to real-time human interactions. Massive amounts of data are being churned and sifted by highly parallel applications, such as Online Data Intensive Services (OLDI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), which historically required specialized High-Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure. New advancements in high-speed…

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IEEE P2020 Automotive Imaging

The IEEE SA P2020 working group on automotive imaging standards was established in order to address the considerable ambiguity in measurement of image quality of automotive imaging systems, both human and computer vision based. This white paper outlines the goals, achievements, rationale and plans of the subgroup, which has started…

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Smart Grid Standards for Operation in Sub-1 GHz Bands - An IEEE White Paper

This white paper is intended to provide information on the benefits and applications of IEEE 802(R) wireless standards operating in sub-1 GHz bands.

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