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IEEE SA Training + Development programs foster individual and organizational effectiveness and enable the success of our vital volunteers.

Through its programs, IEEE SA Training + Development, helps our volunteers thrive and effectively participate in standards development. Our goal is to empower volunteers with the knowledge they need to help ensure their success. Topic areas include everything from understanding IEEE SA culture, navigating policies and procedures, implementing strong leadership skills and tools, and more.

Delivering quality, relevant, and timely information to our volunteers is key in supporting an expanding portfolio of global standards. Through the sharing of best practices for standards development, we are helping to prepare the leaders of tomorrow.


Working Group Chair Fundamentals is for those who want to learn:

  • What is a Working Group, how it functions, and group dynamics and drivers
  • How Working Group Chairs can effectively navigate the standards development process
  • The skills and knowledge Chairs need to be successful standards developers
  • How to anticipate, prepare for, and overcome standards development bottlenecks and roadblocks
  • How to understand the nuances associated with process, intellectual property, and compliance
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IEEE SA Standards Copyright Policy Course

Image of people looking down, surrounded by a holographic earth

The IEEE SA Copyright Policy course provides guidance and tools to help those participating in IEEE SA activities navigate the copyright challenges they may encounter. Whether you are responsible for managing compliance, obtaining permissions, organizing your Working Group's various Contributions, or managing the content to be included in a standard, IEEE SA’s Copyright Policy training will help you navigate the complexities successfully.

This training course consists of a series of self-paced modules and includes content regarding policies and procedures, as well as scenarios designed to test your mastery of the topics presented.

Access course at no charge from the IEEE Learning Network


Working Group Chair Fundamentals Course
This course is for new and aspiring Working Group Chairs or those who have held the role, but want to be more confident in it. Composed of 12 modules, Working Group Chair Fundamentals provides Chairs with a comprehensive set of tools that can be applied immediately in the administration of a Working Group. The training content was developed by some of IEEE SA’s top minds and is anchored with the experiences of successful Working Group Chairs who have brought Working Groups together to produce some of IEEE’s best-known standards.  As a result, both current and rising Working Group Chairs and participants will benefit from focused, intentional thinking about what success will look like for their tenure as Working Group Chair.
A training solution for leaders at all levels, from first-time participants to senior SA members.
Non-IEEE Member FREE
The course includes the following 12 modules:
1. What is a Working Group?
Understanding the IEEE standards development paradigm is a critical first step on the journey to Working Group Chair.
2. Legal Considerations
Knowing the legal conditions for standards development is a serious responsibility that you have as Chair.
3. Where to Find Help
There is an abundance of resources available to help you as you chair your Working Group. This module will tell you all about them.
4. Consensus Building
Consensus Building, a powerful skill for managing your Working Group and standards project, this module explains it and shows you how to achieve it.
5. Initiating Your Standards Project
Exactly what to do to become the Working Group Chair of a Working Group developing an official standards project in IEEE SA.
6. Setting Up an Official Working Group
Everything you need to get your standards project up and running.
7. Running an Effective Meeting
Managing your Working Group primarily means managing your Working Group meetings.
8. Draft Standard Creation
Examine the types of submissions of technology from members of your Working Group and how to incorporate them into your draft standard.
9. The Editorial Process
Your introduction to the editorial process as your Working Group writes the draft standard.
10. Balloting Your Standard
The draft standard is ready to begin the IEEE SA balloting process. This module examines this process in detail.
11. Final Approval and Publication
Learn about the final approval process by the authorities in the IEEE SA and how your draft standard becomes a published IEEE standard.
12. Maintenance
Learn about maintaining your standard so that it stays relevant far into the future.


Available in English and Mandarin.


More courses coming soon!